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Slip and Falls

Georgia law requires that businesses keep their premises safe from dangers. Business owners have a duty to always maintain safe and clean premises both inside and outside of the business.  This includes having caution signs up when it rains, keeping the floor clear of foreign substances, keeping shelving secure and keeping sidewalks safe to the business or free from any other hazardous condition. There are many things that should be done after a slip and fall. 

To protect your case it is important that you know your rights. If you have been injured after a slip and fall, call me at K. Hall Law Group to receive a free consultation with me personally.



  • Free consultation and a free review of your case

  • Explanation of the process

  • Opening a claim for you and dealing with the insurance companies

  • Recovery of Loss Wages

  • Help with Doctor Appointments

  • Financial compensation for your injuries 

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