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Meet Kimberly Hall, 
Founder & CEO

In the world we live in today, people are so ready to talk about themselves, show you what they have, the car they drive, their latest vacation or the food they had for dinner. I do understand that is the agenda that society pushes as important. However, I would describe myself as old fashioned. I believe in going to dinner with family and friends without cellphones; picking up the phone instead of sending a text message; sending flowers when people are sick and telling people that I love them every chance I get. That old fashion mentality transfers over into the reason I became an attorney and how I run this business. I care about the work I do, and I care about the people I serve.

I could absolutely write a book about where I went to school and I where I grew up and all the experiences in between. However, those things only helped to shape me but not define me. I believe the work I do to serve people every day define me.  Integrity and character are everything. Every client I have ever represented will tell you they have always spoken to me directly. They speak to me at the beginning of their case, during their case and at the end of their case.

It is important to me that I know my clients and they know me. I believe the best people that we will ever encounter in our lives are those who truly have a good heart. When you have a good heart, you seek goodness; you seek goodness to follow you and you seek to be good to others. This sums up everything this firm represents. We look forward to serving you.

“Seek first to bless others before blessing yourself.”

Joyce Meyer

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